Smartphone biometrics

Slapshot is a patented mobile app that empowers smartphones to become biometric capture and detection devices. Slapshot leverages commercial off-the-shelf hardware without special modifications or peripheral devices. Slapshot captures fingerprint biometric information by photographing the surfaces of the fingers and thumbs. Ten finger capture can be accomplished in less than a minute. 

  • Easy to use - Slapshot uses a simple user interface with large icons and intuitive operation. Minimal training is required to use Slapshot. 
  • Multi-modal biometrics - Slapshot supports fingerprint and facial recognition using state of the art matching algorithms. 
  • Everyone is a sensor - Slapshot runs on a device that is likely already being carried. No additional device to carry and no added weight. 
  • Multiple modes of operation - Slapshot supports on device matching, or submission to an AFIS system for matching against larger databases. 
  • Capture additional information - Slapshot can also capture additional information, including voice recording, scars, marks, and tattoos. 


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