Product - FlashID

FlashID - Advanced Handwriting Identification Tool

FlashID is a unique handwriting analysis, matching and visualization tool designed to assist law enforcement, military and intelligence professionals in the identification of suspects, criminals, and terrorists. This powerful tool for document comparison and evaluation is designed to assist examiners in comparing questioned documents against known writer document samples.

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Easy to use
FlashID does not require any manual markup or tracing of documents. Simply scan and compare.
Sophisticated algorithms
Graph matching algorithms at the core of the technology compare the graphemes, first, by their topology and second, by their geometric features. Geometric features measure the shapes of curves, angles and distances among graph components. FlashID computes nearly 200 measurements of the sample writing.
Works on limited data
FlashID is able to make comparisons with questioned documents as small as one line of writing. Reference samples can be effectively matched with as little as one page of writing.
Visualization tools
FlashID offers a comprehensive suite of visualization tools to assist the examiner in making their determination, including side-by-side viewing and an innovative “heat map” of writing similarity.
Image cleanup tools
FlashID includes sophisticated image cleanup tools, including deskewing, noise removal, line removal, blob removal, form removal, color removal, contrast enhancement, smoothing, blurring, and B&W conversion.
Popular FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

FlashID provides an industry-leading handwriting discriminator along with a comparator for Document Analysts. Analysts can load and maintain databases of writers that can be searched against with questioned documents containing as little as a single line of handwriting. FlashID finds patterns in writing that humans otherwise have a difficult time seeing.

Yes! FlashID has tools to efficiently clean sets of images using a variety of routines including background/line/noise removal and automatic contrast adjustment.

FlashID can support searchable databases with over 10,000 identities!

FlashID is 'language independent', meaning the system does not need to have prior knowledge of what language the handwriting being used is. Reference sets can still be logically grouped into different languages based on their language by the analyst, however.

Yes, objective-scoring is supported in FlashID! This means that the system will alert the analyst if it believes a questioned document matches a known identity.

Standalone machine licenses are available for purchase.
Research & Design

Backed By Years of Science

FlashID is the realization of many years of research and design that has ultimately been submitted to the forensic community for peer review.