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SlapShot - Advanced Biometric Capture SDK

The SlapShot Software Development Kit (SDK) adds the power and ease of contactless fingerprint capture to your mobile application. With its patented technology, the SlapShot SDK leverages commercial off-the-shelf hardware without special modifications or peripheral devices. Gather fingerprint biometric information by photographing the surfaces of the fingers instead of using a contact scanner to capture a ten-print in less than a minute!

NIST Compliant

Our patented contactless capture technology has been tested to be compliant with NIST SP-500-399: “Specification for Certification Testing of Contactless Fingerprint Acquisition Devices”

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Easy to use
Minimal training is required to use the SlapShot SDK to capture a ten-print record in under a minute!
Accurate captures
Leverages our patented technology to produce accurately scaled, contactless fingerprint records ready for AFIS searching.
Everyone is a sensor
Runs on a device that is likely already being carried. No additional device to carry and no added weight.
Capture additional information
Can capture additional information including face and crime-scene latent prints.
Popular FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Capturing a full 10-print of an identity requires at least 3 captures (left four finger slap, right four finger slap and a thumb slap). With SlapShot SDK's intuitive capture design, a user can perform all of these captures in less than 2 minutes.

Because the camera of each individual mobile device differs at the hardware level, accurately registered contactless fingerprint captures requires a calibration of each device. SlapShot SDK supports a streamlined, one-time routine for calibrating each device to achieve this resolution accuracy.

The SlapShot SDK is available for Android and iOS

Depending on the features being integrated, the SlapShot SDK is 15-20MB

'Per-Device' as well as 'Per-App' licensing are both supported. 100% offline licensing is supported.

Contactless fingerprints can be exported as in-memory Bitmaps, Wsqs, Pngs or Raw images.

Contactless fingerprints can be exported scaled to 500ppi or at their native, captured resolution above 500ppi.

Yes. Individual finger types can be set to an 'uncaptureable' status either before or during capture.

Yes. An optional face-capture component is included in the SDK that allows for frontal-face captures.

The SDK supports NFIQ, NFIQ2 and a proprietary quality algorithm designed specifically for contactless captures.