Latent print analysis, matching, and visualization

LatentSleuth uses a novel method for latent-to-reference matching that fully leverages ridge skeletons, is rotationally independent, and effectively handles distortion caused by “elasticity of skin” and other factors. The end result is a mapping between the latent region of interest (ROI) to a region in each reference print being compared, which allows for allows for comparisons based on a quantitative evaluation of the similarity of the latent and reference prints . 

  • Easy to use - LatentSleuth provides step-by-step guidance and a complete suite of tools for latent print prep, reference print ingestion, and annotation. 
  • Match more latents - LatentSleuth's powerful ridge skeleton approach significantly expands available comparison information for even minimal minutiae point and small size latent prints. Effective matching of smaller and/or distorted prints (including perspective distortion) , prints lacking cores and deltas, prints lacking known orientation, prints with ambiguous anatomical origin. 
  • Search all types of reference prints - Flats, rolls, major case impressions, ad hoc reference prints, etc. 
  • Enhanced Visualization - LatentSleuth produces very accurate overlays of the latent print onto each reference print, providing precise placement information for the LPE. These overlays can be exported for use in case documentation. 
  • Save time - The information provided by the overlay eliminates much of the time spent by the LPE searching for the correct orientation and placement of the latent print during the comparison phase of the ACE-V process. 

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What our customers say

I was skeptical about the software after seeing my first demonstration. I knew that computerized latent print matching algorithms are limited by the availability of encodable minutiae. That was before I discovered Sciometrics’ LatentSleuth. For the first time I’m seeing a software program match fingerprints using ridge tracings in a fashion similar to a human examiner. Actually in some ways Sciometrics is superior to the human examiner. The software doesn’t need to know the orientation of the latent print or the anatomical source. It methodically searches all friction ridge detail for a match (and it doesn’t get tired).

Crime Lab Director


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