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Sciometrics specializes in solving hard problems. Our focus has been the biometric recognition of individuals by distilling discernible signals from highly noisy environments. The company has successfully applied its underlying methodologies to various programs, excelling in detecting identities from documents, images and video streams.

Our patented technology includes multilingual handwriting biometrics, latent fingerprint matching, tool mark analysis and other related pattern matching capabilities.

We support the Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, Defense and Commercial customers.

Our Products

Our Products for Your Business

Sciometrics offers 3 unique and proven Biometric products as well as Custom Development to meet your needs.

SlapShot SDK

An SDK that adds the power and ease of contactless fingerprint capture to your mobile application. With our patent technology, turn every officer, soldier or agent into a biometric sensor.

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A unique handwriting analysis, matching and visualization tool designed to assist law enforcement, military and intelligence professionals in the identification of suspects, criminals, and terrorists via their handwriting.

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A revolutionary matching tool to aid Latent Print Examiners (LPEs) in palm fragments and difficult finger impressions.

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Custom Development

Our team of experienced developers provides cutting-edge software products tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

About Us

We specialize in patented object recognition technologies

In support of the global military, intelligence, and law enforcement communities

Latent Fingerprint Matching
Contactless Fingerprinting
Handwriting Analysis
Pollen Identification
Tool Mark identification
Object recognition and extraction
Our Clients

Some of Our Notable Clients

The power of Sciometrics products is trusted by our numerous clients.